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(SEAS) Generational Learners Program

Updated: May 28, 2020

OceanSaviours SEAS Generational Learners Program is a unique classroom and action education program designed to model ocean cleanup, ESG Strategies, environmental conservation and good governance for attendees to emulate.

Sign up to get involved! Students, advocates, volunteers, corporate executives and researchers are all welcomed in this united front!

We embrace interactive and participative teaching methods during the ship's voyage, encouraging participants to practice these newly honed skills during numerous action projects at location determined by the SEAs cruise route.

Our system serves as a growth chamber for partakers who exist in a wide variance of occupations. This program is for students, advocates, volunteers, corporate executives and researchers, essentially anyone attempting to turn back the present decrepit state of our ecosystem. Per our mantra, every member engaged in this process, “does well by doing good,” having their global perspective and lives enhanced along with all stakeholders involved.

The ocean's marine life is being decimated by rising temperatures, plastic waste and overfishing. Of the 8 million tons of rubbish annually dumped in the ocean, only 5% of plastics are seen on the ocean surface. The other 95% is found below the surface creating havoc on aquatic animal life and marine ecosystems. Down here, micro-plastic ingestion has become an identified problem for sea life. We have provided links to studies concerning the matter:

By organizing and facilitating ocean cleanup, promoting reef protection and marine life ecosystem protection, OceanSaviours is taking tangible action to correct such consequences. Join with us in an endeavor to jointly modify marine and wildlife in a positive manner. The steady course forward of our pioneers assures we all will make significant change, one step at a time, one life at a time. Sign up now for the SEAS Program, unite today and you too can become an Ocean Saviour.

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