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Social Entrepreneurs as Sea (SEAs)

Ocean Saviours - SEAs Program

SEAs Program is an Executive Training, ESG, and School Learning Immersion Experience. 


We have designed the program as a fully equipped and expertly staffed seaborne academy capable of catering to thousands of graduate level students in University and MBA programs.


SEAs will present three strategies of daily experiences for participants. In these inspiring settings, the acumen of the leaders a paramount to the development of participants.



Essential for this curriculum is presenting the keys for strategic vision and innovation, organize and scale a business/social enterprise while tackling the global problems of today.



SEAs delivers direction and insight from professors, experts and professionals to not only present information and concepts, but also to guide and mentor the individuals within these teams

Business coach. Rear view of man gesturi

Education and Career Focus

Real World Engagement


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Classroom education, both face to face and virtual classrooms utilized (with dozens of the world’s experts in social entrepreneurship).

Real-world experience in helping to clean up the oceans, rescue wildlife, provide clean water to needy villages among other noble activates.

Business development/social finance skills from world-class managers/financers so that students can incubate and set-up their own social businesses.

The SEAs Program is specifically designed to perform as an empowerment mechanism to raise and refine attendees' innovative mindset enabling them to enrich humanity's future.  

SEAs Program participants will participate in the following studies:  social entrepreneurship, design thinking, social impact, collective impact, business, finance, ESG, micro-enterprise and micro-finance while understanding the keys necessary to envision and innovate, strategize and scale a business/social enterprise.


Our strategy couples this with with real-world, hands on experience both at sea and on land in actual social entrepreneurship projects and volunteerism projects. Students are also required to participate in team-building, skills-development and empowerment activities.

Our Natural Health and Wellness Program consolidates a sea/farm-to-table Mediterranean Diet, natural/herbal foods/medicines/super-foods along with counseling, mentorship, exercise and rigorous volunteerism will be emphasized.  This SEAs Program is a natural health and healing environment where the students can learn, grow and then practice their craft.

Students will have the opportunity to study and also to enjoy the oceans. Water sports, exercise, and exploration will be coupled with education, learning, volunteerism in practical real-world scenarios and experiences. Cultural immersion activities in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Africa’s Safari country are available as fruitful experiences.

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