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Healing Waters
Ocean Therapy 

The Healing Waters Initiative is dedicated to providing empirically proven treatments to address addiction and co-occurring mental illnesses that serve as a catalyst for substance use.


We provide holistic treatment by addressing not only the addiction but also the mind, body and spirit.  To view our entire mission statement, please "click" the button below.

"Like footprints in the sand, our waves of caring and healing help wash away the imprint of addiction.”

Our specialized program is positioned onboard a well-appointed ocean barge, that can house 225 participants and a medical doctor accompanied by psychologists, nurses, and other professionals to include a chef with excellent cuisine and full staff.  

Fully equipped with a team of experts and ship’s crew, they target the achievable steps toward completing the larger goals towards the client gaining their independence and function.  


We are equally focused on fostering the growth of clientele to embrace serenity in ways that are healthy, responsible and creative.

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