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OceanSaviours organizes groups within your community to host beach cleanups, high-level interaction with governments, tree plantings, negotiations and a myriad of other activities to improve the health of our ecosystem.  



Your participation within these groups are critical to the success of a global community wrestling against the same foe, pollution.



OceanSaviours encourages you, family and friends to come out and join us, as we line up together for history's sake.  



This is where we make a stand for our posterity, and it all starts with you.  Please volunteer and become an Ocean Saviour.   

Fundraising Donations Charity Foundation



With so much environment to heal, there is so much for us, as a united collective, to do.  



OceanSaviours sponsors various fundraisers online and within your communities.  



Just as with your donation, this mass drive enables us to arrange group activities and spur activism for successful science-based solutions in this endeavor.  



Please check our schedule of events with your calendar and participate in OceanSaviours’ Fundraisers now to make a positive difference for our future.

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OceanSaviours is seeking to scale up its ocean cleanup and monitoring/research of both reef systems and waterways.



With your help, we can continue our vital efforts to accelerate the largest combined global ocean cleanup in history.

You can make a one-time donation or join the OceanSaviours Crew through a monthly donation, or make a planned gift to OS.  



All donations are tax deductible and a donation receipt will always be provided for you to document your support.

How You Can Join

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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