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History and Platforms

Ocean Saviours

Ocean Saviours is dedicated to "Healing our oceans, Saving our marine life and Restoring people from addiction."  This organization is a multi-

dimensional non-profit 501(c)(3), delivering a multitude of benefits

across 3 program platforms.

Platform 1 - Ocean Restoration

Removing plastics, nets and garbage to create an environment for our marine life to thrive.

Platform 2 - Marine Conservation

Dedicated to assist in marine conservation and reef protection from human threats. 

Platform 3 - Mental Health

Delivering "Oceanic Therapy" to those suffering from addiction and/or moral injury through completion of the Healing Waters Program.


OS Teams

Ocean Saviours' teams are comprised of volunteers from all over the world. Donations towards Ocean Saviours are utilized to protect and cleanse the ocean thus all volunteers are unpaid.


In return for their time and support, volunteers earn a certificate of completion for either a 6 month or a 1 year program.

OS Volunteers

Volunteers are encouraged to seek out volunteer scholarships to cover the cost of food and lodging while aboard Ocean Saviour vessels as this is their responsibility.


To volunteer or join our team, contact us today.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment
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