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The Recovery at Sea Program devotes a three-to-one ratio of participants to staff in the intensive recovery treatments phases, which includes staff members and mentors.  


The Recovery at Sea Program is situated on a well-appointed ocean-going barge that accommodates 225 participants and 75 full-time staff members.

Our professional staff includes a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, therapist, registered nurses, personal care assistance, dietitian, verbal/natural medicine doctor, yoga instructors, personal trainers and massage therapists.

We provide a dedicated ship’s crew that includes a licensed captain, 1st officer, engineer and crewmen.  Assigned also is a chef and full complement of cooking and serving staff committed to a sea “Farm-to-Table” natural and organic diet along with super food smoothies, daily juicing, other herbal natural foods and nutrients. 


It must be noted that parts of the “Healing Waters” and “Seafaring Mentorship” phases are established as rigorous yet energizing and empowering schedules of volunteerism projects, tasks, daily chores and mentorship activities which are mandatory.  This allows us to keep cost of these phases at a more affordable level.  Those who refuse to participate are not able to continue in these two phases of the Recovery at Sea Program.

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